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Computer Loaner Application - Fall 2020

MassBay Computer Loaner Application - Spring 2021


Given the ongoing concern of COVID-19, MassBay has moved all face-to-face classes to remote learning.  In order to support students who do not have access to a computer or laptop, the College has made available a limited number of computers for students to use for the remainder of the semester.  MassBay understands that in order for students to be successful in remote learning, it is important that they have the tools and resources needed. 
Students accepted into the program will be eligible to borrow a computer for the fall semester.  Computer loaners are limited. 

Please note that you will receive a standard confirmation email once your application has been submitted. If you do not receive this email, your application is not complete and will not be considered.  

  1. Applicant must currently be enrolled at MassBay. 
  2. Student must be in good disciplinary standing, as defined by the campuses where they are registered.
  3. Enrollment is not guaranteed for all students that apply, as computers are limited. 
STUDENT INFORMATION (all sections are required and answers do not affect eligibility)
This question requires a valid number format.
This question requires a valid email address.
Computers are mailed to students. Where would you like it sent?