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2020 Policies Practices & Merit Survey

2020 Policies Practices & Merit Survey

Thank you for participating.  This survey is targeted at Fortune 1,000 and large multinational companies in the U.S.  Results will be provided free of charge to those who participate. Survey is open for participation until July 15, 2020.

The Survey covers topics including:
- Compensation Philosophy
- Salary Budget & Forecast (including impact of COVID-19)
- Short & Long Term Incentives (including impact of COVID-19)
- Employee Turnover
- YTD Furlough Rates
- College Hire Practices
- Issues of Concern
- Hot Jobs / Critical Workforce Segments

PDF Version of Survey for Review Purposes

Please call us with any questions at 212.683.7745 or email us at  

Note: if you are looking for Empsight's 2020 Multi-Survey Excel Participation Questionnaire please download it here