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COVID-19 Australian Business Survey

What is this survey?

The Australian Business Economic Impact Survey (ABEIS) is an initiative to respond to the rapid change experienced by businesses as a result of COVID-19 and the need for insights at a local geographic scale. 

Why are we doing this survey?

The national economic landscape, state to state and region to region is diverse. The survey is specifically targeting insights around change in employment and economic impact at an industry scale. 

While many people are dealing with the day-to-day pressures caused by the pandemic, it is also important to remember that the crisis will pass and that we need to plan for the future. To support a rapid recovery and demonstrate the impact for your businesses and your region, a strong quantifiable evidence base is critical.

Who is REMPLAN? 

Since 1999 the team at REMPLAN have supported our national clients with rigorous research in the area of regional and urban economics, demographic analysis, strategic planning and forecasting. Our work primarily supports the three tiers of Australian government through access to software tools and reporting that enable decision making at a local level for the allocation of public investment and resources. 

What next? 

REMPLAN will manage the survey and present relevant insights throughout the lifecycle of the pandemic.  Our analysis will be updated and reported at regular intervals to understand the changing economic impacts.  As the stages of the COVID-19 pandemic progress over time, so will our analysis and insights around the impacts for businesses, both positive and negative.   

Insights from the survey and subsequent REMPLAN analysis will be provided to federal, state and local governments to enable a targeted response that addresses the impact to local businesses, local employment and in turn broader supply chains. 

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