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2021 IACUC Conference Poster Program

Conference Poster Program

Those who conduct empirical research in the field of animal care and use, or have implemented a program to improve the functioning of their institution's IACUC, are encouraged to submit an abstract to the 2021 IACUC Conference Poster Presentation Program. Entries in this category will be considered for display during the conference.

The Conference Planning Committee will review poster abstracts for completed projects, as well as for projects that are in progress, with the understanding that the project will be finished by April 2021.

Please note that first authorship on an accepted poster is eligible for up to five credit hours for CPIA recertification.

The Conference Planning Committee will only review submissions that are complete and submitted by January 29, 2021. For more information on poster submission criteria, please visit this page.
Contact Information for Poster Display Author

Please complete the fields below. This information will be used to contact the poster presentation author, should the Conference Planning Committee have any questions about a submission, or if a submission has been selected for poster presentation at the 2021 IACUC Conference.
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