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Covid-19 Strategy Interest

Welcome to the NAE initiative to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. By submitting a proposal or entering this virtual workspace, and for ideas that apply to providing an immediate, implementable solution of a COVID-19 related problem, urgently needed to arrest the contagion, you agree that the National Academy of Engineering, which was formed under the Congressional Charter of the National Academy of Sciences (collectively the “National Academies”) will have a no-cost, worldwide license to use and disseminate your proposal, and to share your proposal with others in all media and languages. We believe that it is critical that such ideas to solve urgent needs be freely available to be shared with, and developed by, others in the international engineering community. Participants with such ideas are expected to commit to applying the Open Covid License -- Patent and Copyright (OCL-PC) 1.1 to all intellectual property incorporated in the proposal. Finally, you agree that your name and e-mail address may be made available to others and may be posted on websites hosted by the National Academies and other organizations and collaborators in the NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program.
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