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Regional Enrichment Center Enrollment Form

Thank you for your service in keeping New Yorkers safe during this extraordinary time. Please complete this form to enroll your child(ren) at a Regional Enrichment Center (REC). Regional Enrichment Centers are only open to children who are New York City residents, and whose parents/guardians are employed in certain fields noted below.

For more information about Regional Enrichment Centers, visit our website
If eligible, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment status and next steps within 48 hours. We will continue to assess capacity and demand and will work to expand eligibility to additional essential personnel and children most in need of this support.

If you have previously filled out an enrollment form, please use the same email address.
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9. Occupation (if you choose "other", please enter your place of work - e.g. "General Hospital" - in the blank field.) *This question is required.
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