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Afterschool Program Changes due to COVID-19 Prevention Efforts: A Survey Developed by Temescal Associates

Afterschool Program Changes due to COVID-19 Prevention Efforts

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, afterschool and youth programs are having to quickly adjust. This survey was developed by Temescal Associates to gather information and share the results back with providers, afterschool leaders, advocates and funders. We estimate that this survey will take about 8 minutes to complete. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. Please complete before April 9, 2020. FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS TO YOUR COLLEAGUES AND AFTERSCHOOL NETWORKS. (Note: Since things are very fluid, we may send out another survey later in the year.)

Temescal Associates is dedicated to building the capacity of leaders and organizations in education and youth development who are serious about improving the lives of young people. For additional questions or comments, please email
1. Which of the following best describes what you do?
2. My program serves the following:
4. What are your primary funding sources?
5. How many young people are served in your program at any one time?
6. Is your program shut down due to school closures or other COVID-19 prevention efforts?
7. How is this affecting your staff?
10. Are you thinking about re-assigning staff to provide child care to emergency/ essential workers?
11. Does your program offer sick leave benefits?
13. Is your program reimbursed for lower participation, due to the COVID-19 prevention efforts?
21. What is the major source from which you are receiving guidelines?
25. Can we quote/ name you in an upcoming report?
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