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Service Provider Certification Exam: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud v.9.0


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The exam consists of 30 questions (38 if Cyber Protect module is included) split into following sections:

Product functionality
  • General and Account Management (7 questions)
  • Agent Installation (4 questions)
  • Backup and Recovery (9 questions)
  • [Optional] Cyber Protect Cloud (8 questions)
  • Acronis Support Tools (4 questions)
  • Troubleshooting (6 questions)

The passing score is 80%. To answer these questions you may need to refer to Acronis Support self-service resources (Documentation and Knowledge Base).

You are given 1 hour 30 minutes to answer all questions. After clicking the Next button time countdown will start. A timer is displayed at the bottom of the page. When time expires you will be redirected to the results page.