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Building and Construction Projects Survey


Michigan Public Library Construction/Renovation Survey

The Library of Michigan is working with EveryLibrary to gather data to support the case for potential stimulus funding from the federal level for public library construction and building projects. In order to help with this we are interested in hearing about planned and potential projects around the state that libraries are embarking on or raising funds to start.  You may have projects that are new construction, renovations, retrofitting, upgrades to technology, environmental efficiencies and weatherproofing, or even ADA-style compliance (bathrooms, elevators).  If so, we would like to hear from you.  At this time there are no funds, but it helps to make the case if you have data behind your need.  This is where you can help with that effort.

You may remember during the late 2000’s projects were often called “shovel-ready” if they were considered easily put into place in a short time frame.  Even if you don’t think your project is shovel ready, don’t hesitate to input the information in the survey. We would like to hear about all types of building and construction projects.

We understand that you may not have all the information or understand if your project fits in this survey. If you have time we would appreciate any and all responses you can provide. We will work with EveryLibrary to determine what fits in the scope of projects they can use to help support funding for libraries.

If you have questions, please feel free contact me at or call 517.335.1507. 

The following are the questions you will find once in the survey:

1. Library
2. Library director name
3. Library director email
4.Type of building project - New building/Renovation or Addition/Other (if other briefly describe)
5. Please describe your building project. (Use this to write a brief paragraph or couple of sentences about what your project entails.
6.Estimated dollar amount necessary to complete the project. Up to $100K, Up to $500K, Up to $2mill, Up to $5mill, Over $5mill
7. Do you consider this a "shovel ready" project?  A shovel ready project would be one that can begin construction/building within a 90-day period if you funding was ready.
  • Yes, can begin actual construction work within 90 days.
  • No, would need more time to plan, make decisions, etc. for a project to get to shovel ready stage.
  • Unsure. If it is not shovel ready it is pretty close to that, but may need more time for permitting, etc
8. Tell us anything else you would like for us to know that may be useful for this information gathering process.