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The Social Distancing and Family Dynamics Study: Baseline Survey

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Welcome to the Social Distancing and Family Dynamics Study - baseline survey! Thank you in advance for your time and support of this project. I simply cannot do research like this without the generous support of people like you. I truly appreciate it!

COVID-19 QUESTIONS: The study will be collecting information on how you might have changed your behavior recently in response to public health messages on the COVID-19 crisis. It will also ask how COVID-19 might have impacted the people in your life. This will allow us to determine the immediate impacts that COVID-19 is having on families.

SAVING TO COMPLETE LATER: There is a bar at the top of your browser window that will allow you to save your progress and exit the survey to come back and complete it later. If you use that option, you will need to provide surveygizmo an email address that it will use once and only once to email you a link allowing you to pick up where you left off.

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Thank you again!

Ron Rogge
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Rochester