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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1001 Quiz 24

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. Which of the following hardware devices regenerates a signal out all connected ports without examining the frame or packet contents?
2. A homeowner's connection to the internet is through an always-on modem that connects to existing telephone wiring and has a download speed of over 3 Mbps. The homeowner is able to make analog phone calls over the same wiring at the same time.

Which of the following internet connection types is being used?
3. Which actions allow you to access the internet on your laptop via a cellular network?
4. Which of the following network technologies is packaged as part of a BRI plan?
5. You work as the IT administrator for a small corporate network. One of the company employees needs to add an additional PCI card to the motherboard. When you open the computer, you see that the card purchased will not fit due to the card's height.

Which of the following is the BEST method for using the newly purchased card?
6. Which expansion slot is best for high-end dedicated video cards?
7. You want to be able to monitor and filter VM-to-VM traffic within a virtual network. What should you do?
8. You need to create a virtualization environment on your Windows 10 system using Client Hyper-V to test potentially rogue applications that end users' downloads from the internet.

Because the applications may be malicious, you need to isolate the virtual machines from your production network and the host system; however, you need the virtual machines to be able to communicate with each other.

Which type of virtual network should you implement?
9. A user reports that the projector in the conference room has display issues when it is connected to his laptop. After identifying the cause and completely resolving the issue, the projector displays the images perfectly both on his laptop and on the projector.

Which of the following troubleshooting strategies should be performed NEXT?
10. A few of your employees have complained that their computers sometimes shut down spontaneously. You have noticed that these employees all work in a part of the building where the air conditioning does not adequately cool the room.

These employees also use CPU-intensive programs. You suspect that the spontaneous shutdowns are caused by overheating.

Which of the following is the SIMPLEST way to monitor the temperature of the computer's CPU?
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