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Online Directory of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Services in Scotland

With parents and pregnant women across the country staying at home and extra pressures on statutory services, more people are looking for support from third sector organisations. To help connect people to the right services, we have created an online directory of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Services which are currently operating and taking on new clients in Scotland, on behalf of Inspiring Scotland and Scottish Government. 

Please click here to visit the Directory. 

This directory will primarily be used by professionals (midwives and health visitors) but may also be accessed by parents to find services in their area.

If your perinatal and infant mental health service is currently still operating and accepting referrals and you are happy for it to be featured in this online directory then please complete the fields below:

Please Note:

  • This will be a live list so we can add new services/ update existing submissions/ delete services over time. You can get in touch with us if you ever need to amend your submission by sending an email to:
  • Please help us spread the word about this directory. If you know another service who you think should be featured, please send on the URL and help us support as many families as possible.
3. What type of support do you offer?

We are using the three categories of support identified by The Robertson Trust in the Maternal Mental Health Research
If you have any questions about which category your support covers, please email 
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4. What Health Board(s) is this support available in?

If your service is normally available locally but can be offered Scotland Wide then please tick your Local Health Board AND 'Scotland Wide' as it will help improve your search rankings. *This question is required.
5. Is this service antenatal or postnatal support?
8. To access your service does the recipient need a referral from a Professional? (e.g. Midwife, Health Visitor/ Social Work/ Health and Education Board) *This question is required.
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9. Cost of service
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11. Your contact details:

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