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Reporting Non-Emergency Crimes Survey


The purpose of this survey is to help the City of Minneapolis gather information on people’s experiences reporting non-emergent crimes. Results of this survey will be used to identify areas for improvement for service delivery for the residents and visitors of Minneapolis. 

This is not a reporting tool.  If you have an emergency, please call 911. 

This survey is available for anyone who has reported the following incidents to the City of Minneapolis: 
  • Non-violent theft (ex. Stolen bike, items stolen out of garage, etc.)
  • Property damage (ex. Graffiti on your property, broken car window, etc.)
  • Parking/traffic issues (ex. Unknown vehicle parked in front of driveway, obstruction in the middle of the street, etc.)

Please feel free to be completely honest.  This survey is anonymous and should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.  Your answers will not have a name or IP address associated with them.  

The City of Minneapolis is grateful for your willingness to speak from your experience, especially during this uncertain time. If at any time you become uncomfortable, please feel free to skip questions or leave the survey completely.

Please contact the City of Minneapolis Office of Performance & Innovation via email at with any questions or concerns about the survey. 

Thank you for your service.