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Driving agility in your branch workforce and communications during a crisis

We want to hear from you on how our program met your needs. This short evaluation directly influences our efforts to consistently deliver high-quality programs. Please share your thoughts about Driving agility in your branch workforce and communications during a crisis. Thank you for your feedback.
1. What is your overall evaluation of this program?
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2. What is your evaluation of each of the following?
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Registration Process
3. Please give us your evaluation of the presenters for this program:
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Brian Wallace, General Manager of Banking, Reflexis
Holly Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer, BAI
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I gained insights that will help me make smart business decisions.
The insights I gained are both actionable today and forward-thinking as I plan for the future.
I feel more confident in driving positive change within my organization as a result of the information shared during this webinar.
5. Did the program cover what was described in materials?
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