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Artspace Consulting Offers Pro Bono Services


Artspace Consulting Offers Pro Bono Services in Response to COVID-19 


Artspace Consulting is now providing up to two hours of free consultations and technical support to any arts and culture organization or municipality as a response to the mounting effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Due to protections in place for social distancing and a wave of closures and cancellations nationwide, we are aware that countless arts facility, real estate development, and other space-related initiatives have been postponed or cancelled. Groups planning for space at arts organizations, cultural centers, creative businesses, as well as cities, towns, and counties are doing what it takes to keep their projects on track and continue serving their communities. It’s challenging at the best of times, and it’s even harder now. Our team is ready to offer support and guidance.

Artspace Consulting will reallocate our own time and resources to provide up to two hours of consultation; where necessary, follow-up consultations may be available. There will be NO fee for these services.

In particular, Artspace Consulting will help with the following creative space-based needs: 

  • Reviewing existing capital and operating budgets, and outlining potential scenarios
  • Evaluating space related project priorities and recalibrating timelines
  • Creative thinking around space-based project resources
  • Reviewing written fundraising materials and other communications

If you are interested in pro bono services, please complete the request form below.  After review, Artspace Consulting will contact you to schedule a time.

We know that not all people and communities are experiencing this crisis in the same way or to the same extent. Historic and structural inequities amplify the effects of COVID-19 in communities of color, LGBTQ, immigrant and indigenous communities. To counter these disparities, Artspace Consulting will place particular emphasis on supporting these communities and will prioritize requests as such.

If you don’t need consulting support at this time but have experience, expertise, and time that you are willing to offer to help others, please contact


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