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2020 Law Department Compensation Survey - ACC Empsight

2020 Law Department Compensation Survey

Welcome to the 2020 U.S. Law Department Compensation Survey.

This confidential survey should be completed by someone with authority to report information on the entire legal function on a company basis.

The Survey is offered in three editions:
  • Large Law (Companies with Revenue of $5 Billion and above)
  • Mid-Market (Companies with Revenue of $1 Billion to $5 Billion)
  • Small Law (Companies with Revenue of $1 Billion and below)
Screening questions will help you select the right edition. 

The Large Law, Mid-Market, and Small Law Dept editions will be available for purchase by participants. Reports for individual surveys job title will also be available for purchase from the Small Law Department Compensation Survey.  The Law Department Survey - Executive Summary will be available Free to participating organizations. 

Please call us with any questions during the questionnaire input process at 212.683.7745 ext.101 or email us at