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UTSW Well-Being Fuel Gauge


UTSW Well-Being Fuel Gauge

During the COVID-19 Crisis, we are particularly mindful of stressors to the well-being of our faculty and frontline healthcare providers. We care about your well-being and would like to regularly check in with you about how you are doing with this quick, one item Fuel Gauge survey. This will help us monitor your well-being 'fuel levels' and help you fill your tank as well as provide us feedback on how we can best support you!

This survey is optional and all responses will be kept confidential. De-identified comments and group averages (not individual scores) will be provided to the Office of Faculty Affairs for Faculty and Nursing for frontline staff and nurses 
so that we can help if a group's tank is low. We will try to help with system changes that can make your life easier as we navigate this difficult time. We're here to "care for the people who are caring for the people". 

Thank you in advance for your participation! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Susan Matulevicius (, 214-645-7275), Dr. Linda Denke (, Dr. Shannon Scielzo (, 214-648-8521/407-421-8550), or Dr. Reed Robinson (, 214-645-3762).

1. Overall, my well-being fuel tank is: 
Half Tank
Full Tank
3. What is your role at UTSW?
Which of the following best characterize your role? Select all that apply or if role not seen, write it in under "Other".
To which of the following schools are you appointed (check all that apply)?