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Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 43

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 43

1. You are a security consultant and have been hired to evaluate an organization's physical security practices. All employees must pass through a locked door to enter the main work area. Access is restricted using a biometric fingerprint lock.

A receptionist is located next to the locked door in the reception area. She uses an iPad application to log any security events that may occur. She also uses her iPad to complete work tasks as assigned by the organization's CEO.

What could you do to add an additional layer of security to this organization?
2. What does the Google Search operator allinurl:keywords do?
3. What's the name of the open-source forensics tool that can be used to pull information from social media postings and find relationships between companies, people, email addresses, and other information?

4. You have found the IP address of a host to be You want to see what other hosts are available on the network. Which of the following nmap commands would you enter to do a ping sweep?

5. There are two non-government sites that provide lists of valuable information for ethical hackers. Which of the following best describes the Full Disclosure site?

6. As an ethical hacker, you are looking for a way to organize and prioritize vulnerabilities that were discovered in your work. Which of the following scoring systems could you use?
7. While performing a penetration test, you captured a few HTTP POST packets using Wireshark. After examining the selected packet, which of the following concerns or recommendations will you include in your report?
8. Your network administrator has set up training for all the users regarding clicking on links in emails or instant messages. Which of the following is your network administrator attempting to prevent?

9. Jim, a smartphone user, receives a bill from his provider that contains fees for calling international numbers he is sure he hasn't called. Which of the following forms of Bluetooth hacking was most likely used to attack his phone?

10. Which of the following mobile security concerns is characterized by malicious code that specifically targets mobile devices?