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2020 Summer STEM Institute Application

To apply to the 2020 Summer STEM Institute, please fill out the following application by May 30th, 2020.
Since the application cycle closes so late in the school year, admission decisions are being made on a rolling basis to give students the maximum amount of time to figure out summer plans after receiving a decision.

SSI welcomes both domestic and international applicants. International timezones will be supported for lectures and office hours.

While filling out the application, you will have the ability to save your responses and return to them later by clicking the "Save and Continue" button on the top right of each page of the application, starting on the next page.

The application has 5 parts:
  • Personal Information
  • School Information
  • Transcripts and Tests
  • Activities and Awards
  • Short Essays

Due to COVID-19, we will not ask for letters of recommendation for the 2020 Summer STEM Institute.

While we collect information about testing and past awards, we are most interested in accepting students who demonstrate in their activities, interests, and essays a motivation, passion, and eagerness to learn. We also recognize students earlier on in their high school careers may not have completed many standardized tests or competed in many competitions yet, and we will consider that when evaluating applications. More information about our selection criteria can be found here.

Financial Aid

SSI can provide generous financial aid for families and students who cannot afford to pay full tuition. Cost is not intended to be a barrier to participating in SSI. Students and families in need of financial assistance are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Students interested in being considered for financial aid should first complete all required steps of our application process before submitting a request for financial aid. Then, within three days of submitting an application, students should send an email addressing the following to
  • Written statement from the parent explaining in detail their financial situation and why you should be considered for financial aid
  • Include in your correspondence the parent’s gross monthly income from all sources
  • Submit a copy of parent’s most recent paycheck(s)
  • Submit a copy of parent’s most recent bank and/or credit card statement (accounts used to pay monthly bills/utilities, etc.). Any account numbers should be marked out/not shown
  • (US applicants only) Submit a copy of the parent’s most recently filed tax return (social security number/Tax ID should be marked out/not shown)