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Call for Writers

WID is seeking a variety of freelance writers. These writers are specialists in writing high-quality content on disability rights related issues and able to take assignments with short deadlines.

Subject matter experts needed are knowledgeable and practiced in writing about the intersections of disability, inclusion, accessibility, social justice, bias, marginalization and: employment, housing, operationalizing accessibility (both physical and digital), digital systems and tools, policy, research, international rights, health, emergencies, disasters and climate resilience.

Writing assignment possibilities include; grant proposals, blogs, website content, press releases, white papers, and other social media, general and targeted content for WID’s national and global content needs. We are especially interested in writers whose content is engaging and never dry, actionable, uses research and data to create fun and exciting products for a very broad audience. Must be experienced in using a combination of person first and identity first language.  
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