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2020-2021 Hershey Heartwarming Project Action Grant

We’re so excited you would like to make meaningful change in your local community through the Hershey Heartwarming Project Action Grant opportunity!

We want to hear from you about how you plan to use the grant to create connection and make your school or community more inclusive, kind and empathetic. Whether it's hosting an event, volunteering in your community or running a campaign to write handwritten messages of kindness, simply tell us HOW you are changing your community for the better - we want to help make it happen!

Some examples of Heartwarming Actions can be on Overall Well-Being, Fostering Connection, Inclusion and Belonging, Mental Health, Kindness, Anti-Bullying. Whatever your project may be, apply for the Hershey Heartwarming Project Action Grant to help kickstart your impact. Social distancing and virtual projects are welcome!

Grants will be awarded as follows: 1 grant of $250 each.

Hershey Heartwarming Project Action Grant Criteria

Assessment of the grant will be based on:

  • The detailed description of your action plan
  • The vision for how the grant will help you take action
  • The compelling idea to create connections and foster inclusion and empathy.

Please note that this grant application closes on December 31, 2020