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Leadership Support Program 2020-2022 (LSP) Application

You are applying for admission to UC Berkeley's Leadership Support Program. NOTE: to participate in LSP, you need to be in a full-time position as a school administrator.

To complete this application, you will need to upload these docs:
1) Resume--include names of 3 references (people, not letters of reference)

2) Copy of completed form CL-777 Verification of Employment as an Administrator

3) Responses to 2 Essay Questions (about 500-750 words per each prompt):
  • Equity Challenges: Explain two challenges around equity that you are facing as a leader in your current context. Be explicit about why these are equity challenges and about any steps you have taken (or might take) to address them.
  • Personal Identity and Leadership: How does your personal identity impact your leadership? Give specific examples--from past experience or about what you will need to consider moving forward.
Please put both essay responses on 1 document.

Potential next step: invitation to be interviewed

Should you be admitted to LSP, be sure you are available on these dates/times:
LSP Orientation: Tuesday, September 22  5-6:30pm
LSP Retreat:  Saturday, Oct 3  9am-4pm

Questions? Contact