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ITAH - Treatment Consent Form

Treatment Consent Form
1. I hereby authorize Indian Tree Animal Hospital and its staff to perform those treatments and procedures (i.e.: medications, anesthesia, surgery) they feel necessary to address my animal’s needs and current medical conditions.  I understand that although strived for, no specific or result is guaranteed.

2. I understand that any estimate given may only address those procedures initially deemed necessary, and that as the case progresses other treatments and/or procedures may also be required for care to continue.  In the event that some unexpected life-saving emergency care is required, I give my permission to provide such treatments and agree to pay for such.

3. In the event that my animal should pass away while under the care of Indian Tree Animal Hospital, I understand that I am responsible for all current charges up to the time of death, including body care if needed.

4. I understand that payment in full is due at the time of discharge or demise of my animal.  I understand that no billing or other payment options are available and that there are not exceptions to this policy, unless previously discussed with, and approved by the Veterinarian and/or Office Manager.  I understand that if I do not pay this account as agreed, the account is subject to costs of collection, attorney fees, and including interest (any balance that is carried over a period of 30 days will accrue a monthly finance charge of 1.5% or 18% per annum).  Return check fee is $40.  I am requesting that veterinary care be provided for pets presented by me or my agents.  I understand that I am financially responsible for all services provided.
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