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Professional Development - Introduction to Esports

Thank you for expressing interest in our "Introduction to Esports" Certificate program. This is designed to be a Professional Development to get you started in understanding and developing the Ecosystem of Esports. You will be able to obtain technical and concept based learning from the certificate. For our Educators taking this course we will further unpack the academic potential that Esports presents to your students in order to create a positive culture. 

Certificate Program Details: 

University: California State University Domingues Hills • Extended Education
Certificate Program Name: Introduction to Esports
Program: Career/Professional Development Teacher Education - Extension 
Modality: Online 
Training Pace: Self-pace 
Program Structure: 4 modules = Certificate Award
Start Date: June 26th
End Date: August 14th

Questions: Email Ruben Caputo:

Our promise is to support you every step of the way and for you to feel empowered to understand and achieve your goals in Esports. We ask that you enjoy the learning and explore the world of Esports! 
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