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Linear Vegetation Survey Online Test


1. Instructions: The online test is a measure of your understanding of the Linear Vegetation Survey (LVS) method and your proficiency identifying aquatic and wetland plants for LVS sampling.  You will have one hour to complete the 40 question test.  You may consult the LVS SOP (DEP SOP FS 7320, Stream and River Linear Vegetation Survey [LVS] Method) during the test to answer questions about the method.  Please do not use any resources to answer the plant identification questions.

You must agree to the following two conditions in order to proceed with the test:

I attest that I will not share or discuss the specific questions or answers in this Linear Vegetation Survey Online Test with other people. *This question is required.
2. I attest that I am completing the Linear Vegetation Survey Online Test independently, without aid from any plant identification resources or other people. *This question is required.