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Post-Podcasting Survey April

Your Podcasts

Thanks for filling in this survey. We're interested in your views on:
1. Podcasts in general
2. Some specific podcasts
3. Attitudes to podcast topics.

The whole thing should take you about 5 minutes to complete.

If you want to, at the end, you can put yourself into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher

The survey is being conducted by Podcast Awards Ltd who won't share any identifying information but will combine the results to report back to podcasters and partners.

If you've filled in a similar survey recently, that's fine, we're after your views, particularly in light of the changes we've all experienced because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

1. Which of the following podcasts have you ever listened to? *This question is required.
2. The Covid-19 outbreak has changed much of our routines. How has this affected your podcast listening?