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Well-Being Self-Assessment

This self-assessment examines your well-being feelings and attitudes. The individual items in this first section are pairs of different statements.  Choose the alternative (1, or 2), that best describes your style, approach or attitude currently. There are no right or wrong answers to questions and insights from the survey will be most helpful to you if you are completely honest. Sometimes both answer alternatives may seem to apply; In that case please select the one that is most like you, you would naturally do first, or most often.

To receive an email with your results from the assessment Zenger Folkman Company must gather and store Personally Identifiable Information (i.e., First & Last Name, Email Address). Your consent allows Zenger Folkman Company to process and store your data to provide you with a personalized report of the result.  This data will also be used anonymously in our future research and aggregated analysis. All collected data will be stored in the United States. Data entered will not be sold or given to any third parties. Other than to send your personalized report, Zenger Folkman will not use your information for any sales and marketing activities.

For changes, updates, or deletion of your data, please contact or review our Privacy Policy found at