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Help us to raise key issues during COVID 19

Over the past weeks, we have been in contact with almost every key agency and Government department relevant to environmental health. We have represented the professsion and helped to facilitate the exchange of information between our members working in key roles on the ground and national agencies and Government bodies, involved in drafting policy and guidance.

Our engagement work has been informed by the knowledge and expertise of you, our members, up and down the country. Now, as the lockdown continues, we need you to advise us of any questions you would like us to raise with Government or any national agencies on your behalf.

We would now like to hear about:
  • Any key issues with enforcement
  • Questions of clarification
  • Requests for extra guidance or advice

Please provide details of the issue and some context to your question.

This question requires a valid email address.
4. Which EH area does your query relate to?
8. Can we contact you with regards to this query or with relevant information?