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Welcome to the Women Voice and Leadership (WVL) South Africa portal for the Rapid Response Grant application).

Thank you for applying to the WVL RAPID RESPONSE GRANT! We can’t wait to read your application!

There are three stages to this process.
  1. Eligibility: At this stage you will be asked key questions about whether you qualify for the grant. If you do, you will receive an E Mail allowing you back into the portal and allowing you to proceed. If you do not qualify, you will receive an E Mail explaining why. If you have any queries please write to Grants Coordinator:
  2. Full application: This will include detailed questions across all areas and will require information and attachments.
  3. Due diligence: For successful applicants, the WVL team will conduct on-site verification of the information provided. You may be asked additional questions at this stage. All information will be housed on the same grants portal.

There are four sections to this application
  1. Administrative information: This will appear at every stage of the application/report. You can however go in and update this information at any time.
  2. Organisational information:  This covers key questions regarding registration; statutory compliance; Policies; Board; Management and Staff. If successful at the different stages you will keep adding to this body of information which will be verified at due diligence. If awarded a grant, the information will also be available for updating as you go through the implementation of the grant and report every six months.
  3. Programme information: This explains the problem you hope to address; who you are targeting; who will benefit (disaggregated by sex, gender identity, age and other factors); what results you hope to achieve; your communication strategy; monitoring and evaluation framework; budget; work plan; risks and their mitigation.  If successful at the different stages you will keep adding to this body of information which will be verified at due diligence. Your programme officer may also work with you to sharpen your results framework. You will report against this framework every six months, adding many examples and stories of change as well as amending outcome areas and outputs if agreed with your programme officer.
  4. Track record: This section, required at full application, and verified at due diligence, provides information on your experience/achievements as well as reference letters from other donors, partners or beneficiaries. This information will be added to and kept on file if you are awarded a grant.

Please take note of the instructions below BEFORE attempting to complete your application:
  • All sections of the form MUST be completed.
  • Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are compulsory.
  • When you see an arrow at the end of a box it means there is a drop down menu, please click on the arrow to select the correct option.
  • If you do not finish filling in the form at one sitting do the following:

After completing page 1 (so when on page 2) on the top, you will see a “Save and Continue later” band.

  • If you want to go check something and return later, you can click on this and enter your email address twice. 
  • Once you have entered your email address twice, whatever you have entered in the application form thus far will be saved and you will receive an email with a link to continue. 
  • If you do not see it within a few minutes, please check your junk mail. 
  • You can then click on the link and continue where you left off.
Download a word version of the eligibility form here

Rapid Response Eligibility Form