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Crisis Response Plan


Welcome to the Crisis Response Planning Tool!

Category One Consulting developed this planning tool to provide a free resource to help nonprofits respond to COVID-19 throughout the rest of 2020. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on nonprofits by changing the need for services, threatening staff and client safety, and straining financial resources. Nonprofits have worked hard to adjust their programs, practices, and processes over the past few months to develop an immediate response to the pandemic. This Crisis Response Planning Tool was designed to help you build a customized and evidence-based Crisis Response Plan for your organization for the remainder of 2020. The tool contains six major components that are depicted in the graphic below.
As you work through each of the components you will determine if and when to conduct different planning items by scheduling them into one of the timeline categories illustrated below. These planning items reflect common evidence-based strategies that most organizations should consider when developing an effective COVID-19 response. Please keep in mind that not all items will apply to all organizations, that the lists are not meant to be exhaustive of all response strategies, and that you may have already completed some of these items. Thus, you will be able to flag items as Not Applicable, write in additional planning items that are specific to your organization, and mark items you have already completed as Done. Upon completion of this tool, you will be sent your free personalized response plan that outlines key planning items and a 2020 timeline for execution as well as details related to past impact, future impact, next steps, and support needed for each component.
As you use this tool, please remember that Category One Consulting will never share your planning tool entries or your personalized response plan with anyone other than you. Your entries and plan will remain completely confidential. Your plan will only be sent to the email address you provide on the following page.

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