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OCMH Accessing Children's Mental Health Services Resource-Content and Design Survey

Project Overview

The Service Access and Family Engagement Committee of the Trauma and Recovery Project (TARP) are focused on creating a tool that can provide parents/caregivers with information on how to first access mental health services for their family and what to expect in those initial stages. There are a number of tools that already exist on this, so we are hoping to combine the best parts of each resource to create an accessible, visual resource that can be utilized for this grant and beyond.
1. Please rate how strongly you feel each of the following items should be included on this tool: *This question is required.
Not Important at all
Most important
Determining if my child's behavior or mood needs professional attention
Determining what kind of provider my child needs
Definitions describing types of providers and their roles
How to actually make an appointment for mental health services
Things to know and expect when making an appointment
Questions to ask and what to expect during the appointment
Next steps after the appointment
Deciding if the provider is a good fit for your family
What does being in crisis look like and what should you do
Statistics on children's mental health
Description of privacy laws and what rights guardians do and don't have
Definitions of the different treatment modalities
Understanding health insurance language
Resource list
3. If you think this tool should include resources, what kind? You may choose as many as you feel are necessary.  *This question is required.
4. What do you think this resource should look like? *This question is required.
It definitely should NOT look like this
I'm not sure
I love this idea
A one page step-based visual only
A visual diagram plus resources (2 pages)
A visual diagram, resources, step based narrative and more (booklet)
5. We want to ensure that a visual diagram is appealing and clear. If you think any of the following visuals would be suitable, please click on it. There is no limit to the number you may choose.
Note: Please select visuals based on design and layout only. The text, icons, colors and placement can be replaced and edited.
  Please select from the following images.
6. Thank you for your valuable input. Please select all that are true for you so we may analyze needs according to varying perspectives. *This question is required.