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2020 Covid-19 Update Survey

Covid-19 Impact Survey - Dresner Advisory Services

We are collecting information related to Covid-19 impact. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes.

Your personal information will NOT be shared with anyone and you will receive a copy of the resulting research.

Thank you for your support!


Howard Dresner
Chief Research Officer
Dresner Advisory Services
1. Please provide your contact information below:
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2. How has the business been affected? Choose one.
Space Cell YesNo
Our company is temporarily closed
Divisions or functions of business shutdown
We have sustained a loss of revenues / customers
3. How are employees being affected? Choose all that apply.
Space Cell YesNo
Employees are working at home
We've reduced our workforce (lay offs)
Employee salaries / hours reduced
There's a hiring freeze in place
We're acquiring new employees
We're augmenting staff with external services
4. How are budgets being affected? Choose one.
5. What has been the impact on BI/Data/analytics projects? Choose one.
6. How has this situation changed in the past 30 days?
7. When do you anticipate things will begin to improve?