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Reopen America Now (Petition)

President Trump has called on governors across the country to reopen America.
Tragically many are slowing the process unnecessarily. 

These governors are extending useless and economically dangerous shutdown orders that are crushing the U.S. economy and destroying U.S. individual liberty.

28 million American workers have already filed for unemployment, and bankruptcies are accelerating. 

47 million jobs will no longer exist if we don't get back to work right away. 

Tens of millions of Americans will lose their retirement and education savings permanently. 

We must act now. 

America cannot afford to continue adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. Shouldering the costs of an unnecessarily prolonged shutdown is a burden that will haunt future generations.

America can get back to work and it can do so safely. 

It is time to save our economy while there is still one to save.

Sign your name below to urge state governors to reopen the economy and let hard-working Americans get back to work.

Dear Governor,

I am signing the petition today as an American who is deeply concerned. We must not further destroy our economy. Extending shutdown orders, imposing odious restrictions, and growing government power is destructive to every American.

I ask you…reopen your state now!

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