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Roofing Construction Waste Management Plan

Use this form for final roofing construction waste management plans only.  Please fill in all information.  Some fields may be automatically filled after entering your permit number.  However, if any information is incorrect or missing, please enter the correct information.
Please, contact Building Services at or 970-221-6760.
This question requires a valid email address.
Please, check all materials that are applicable.
Be sure to fill in the questions that appear
once a material is checked or typed.
8. Material Disposal Information *This question is required.
Disposal Location - Asphalt
Were the asphalt shingles removed from the roof Class 4?
How Wood Was Disposed
Disposal Location - Wood
How Metal Was Disposed
Disposal Location - Metal
How Ceramic Was Disposed
Disposal Location - Ceramic
How Other Was Disposed
Disposal Location - Other
9. Waste Hauler Information *This question is required.
10. Upload Disposal Receipts *This question is required.
If you do not have your receipt, please contact Environmental compliance at or 416-2701.
11. Form Agreement *This question is required.