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High Street Recovery and Resilience

The COVID-19 recovery and resilience health-check for local businesses

What will it take to succeed on the high street this year? 

Through March-May 2020,, with input from dozens of successful independents and industry experts, evaluated hundreds of business strategies for the Coronavirus-era high street. 

This survey includes the most important strategies for high street business owners right now, across 6 key themes: 

1.      Reducing your costs
2.      Selling in new ways
3.      Adapting your marketing 
4.      Collaborating as a high street
5.      Preparing for the future
6.      Funding your business

The whole survey takes on average 11 minutes to complete and you will receive the following, all personalised to you and for FREE: 

  • A Health-Check report and scores, highlighting risks and opportunities across your business. 

  • 6 top recommendations selected for you, each with step-by-step guides and other content.

  • A telephone call with an expert consultant to discuss your report, scores and recommendations (optional).

  • Invites to a series of exclusive webinars covering key topics from this survey.

Any personal or business data you provide here will never be shared with other organisations. It will be used to create your report, scores and recommendations. It will also be added into an anonymised and aggregated data set to measure the health of each high street and sector in the UK. is investing in this campaign to better understand how prepared the high street is to meet the challenges ahead, while helping each local business to achieve their own potential on the high street this year. 

The road to recovery and resilience in the face of COVID-19 has begun. 

Let’s get started...