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Change the Story 2nd Edition

About this survey

Our Watch is a national organisation dedicated to the primary prevention of all forms of violence against women and their children. The organisation was created to drive nation-wide change in the structures, norms and practices that lead to violence against women, and provides national leadership for Australia's work to stop violence against women before it starts.

In 2015, Our Watch launched the first national prevention framework, Change the story: A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia, produced in partnership with VicHealth and ANROWS. This framework aims to drive and guide a consistent and integrated national approach to preventing violence against women.

Five years on, Our Watch is preparing the second edition of Change the story to be launched in 2021. We have appointed Keleher Consulting to work closely with us to deliver this. One of the early tasks is a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Change the story after five years of application, to inform revisions to the framework, if warranted.

This survey aims to capture your feedback on Change the story. We're interested in how you use it, what you see as its strengths, and any gaps or areas for improvement that you wish to suggest. 

Please take the time to complete this anonymous, easy-to-complete online survey by following the link on this page. It will take about 5 minutes.