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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1001 Quiz 27

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. One of your customers wants to configure a small network in his home. The home has three floors, and there are computers on each floor. This customer needs to share files between computers, print to a centrally located printer, and have access to the internet.

Which of the following print solutions would BEST meet this client's needs?
2. A SOHO customer finds that their VoIP conversations frequently break up and become unintelligible. This happens most often when one person in the office streams video from the internet.

Which of the following configuration changes on the SOHO router is MOST likely to improve VoIP performance?
3. A group of workers in an office space communicate with each other on their smartphones and tablet devices through an ad hoc network linked using Bluetooth technology protocols.

Which of the following network types is in use?
4. Which of the following is the best definition for a LAN?
5. A customer needs to use several applications. Currently, the computer cannot keep all the necessary applications open at the same time. Which of the following components should you consider upgrading?
6. You have been using the same computer for several years. To extend its service life, you decide to upgrade the processor. You check the motherboard documentation and purchase the fastest processor supported by the motherboard. However, when you start the computer, it beeps regularly, nothing is displayed on the screen, and it doesn't start.

While troubleshooting this computer, which of the following would be BEST to try first?
7. You have just set up a new laser printer for the company president on her Windows workstation. You have installed the printer and the drivers. What should you do next?
8. Which type of printer uses lasers and electrical charges to transfer images to paper?
9. To improve system performance, you have configured a motherboard to run with a higher multiplier than what the CPU is specified to use. Since doing this, the system has become unstable and crashes frequently.

To restore system stability, which of the following should be completed?
10. You are attempting to boot a new system. The boot fails, and the system sounds a beep code. Which of the following describes the MOST likely cause of this error?
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