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Trillium Health Virtual Narcan Training Sessions

Narcan Training:

Please be advised that, as a program funded by the New York State Department of Health,  Trillium Health will not be able to provide Narcan to out-of-State registrants. Out-of-state registrants may still attend the trainings.  They will receive a Certificate of Completion and the Information Packet, but will not receive Narcan. Please check on-line for programs that your county or state health departments may offer, for Harm Reduction Services offered in your area  or  for local Syringe Exchange Programs. 

Also check on the NEXT Distro web site for services they may be able to offer. NEXT Distro also has information for each state and different programs offered. Check under the Naloxone/Narcan heading in NEXT Distro.  
Training Dates/Times Available in February/March 2023 (EST): 

PLEASE NOTE:  Registrations received less than 60 minutes prior to the training may not get processed in time for the training link to be sent.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
If you have selected a date with multiple time slots available, you will select your time on the next page.