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Youth Worker Dilemmas and Questions

Youth Worker Dilemmas and Questions Introduction

Youth program staff and directors are often faced with dilemmas and questions regarding their direct work with individuals and groups of youth, organizational policies and practices- many of which serve as impediments to their work. They also face dilemmas and questions regarding staff issues, program improvement and data/evaluation.

We are reaching out to staff and program directors to collect their dilemmas and questions. We will use these to seek out answers from innovative practitioners, field experts, and leading thinkers. We will publish these questions and answers in our upcoming blog posts and papers.

To honor confidentiality, we will only use first names and states when publishing some of these questions and answers. 
We invite you to share this with your peers and networks. We promise to share questions and answers with all of those that submitted survey responses.
3. What age groups do you serve?
4. What is your role within your program?