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COVID-19 and American Orthodox Parishes Study: Follow Up

1. So far, in this study, we have been able to learn only about the perspectives of the clergy on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected local parish life. We believe it is important to also hear and learn from lay parishioners. Would you be willing to help with such a study in your parish? Specifically, may we email you a link to an online questionnaire that you would send to your parishioners households and ask them to complete the survey?
2. Have you personally participated in either Phase 1 (early April) or Phase 2 (early May) of the studies on the impact of Pandemic on American Orthodox parishes? (select one)
3. The reports from both Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies on “Coronavirus Pandemic in American Orthodox Parishes” are posted on a new website which offers numerous data-supported materials on various aspects of Orthodox parish life in America. Are you familiar with this website?
Thank You!