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CV Nuclear Imaging Department COVID Impact Survey

1. Program Demographics
4. Is your program:
5. Does your program provide nuclear studies to:
6. Comparing your nuclear program volumes March and April of 2019 to March and April of 2020, have your volumes?
If your volumes have decreased, by how much?
7. Did you reschedule tests due to COVID? 
If yes, what percentage?
If yes, how far out did you reschedule your studies?
8. Did you change any of the SPECT imaging studies to other modalities?
If yes, which ones (choose all that apply)
9. Have you changed your stress testing protocol?
If yes – in what way? (Choose all that apply.)
If yes, have you had challenges with prior authorizations?
10. As you reemerge, has your plan included any of the following? (check all that apply)
11. What are the biggest challenges that you have are or expect to experience?
12. If you have seen a decline in your volumes, do you expect your volumes to return to normal (previous volumes)?
If yes, how long do you expect the recovery to take?
If no, can you estimate what overall percentage in decline you expect?
13. Do you expect any permanent trends to utilize other modalities post-COVID?
If yes, to what? (Choose all that apply.)
14. Has COVID-19 impacted the plans for your AUC roll-out?

Do you expect to have your AUC protocols and tools in place by 12/31/2020?