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Expert Support for Social Impact Leaders

Request a 1-hour Pro Bono Hotline call

Common Impact's Pro Bono Hotline is FREE coaching and strategic guidance from a corporate volunteer with skills and expertise to match the organizational challenge you are navigating. Volunteers are standing by, ready to talk with you about marketing, HR, financial management, strategy, operations and technology challenges. The Hotline is a great way to identify next steps on a variety of challenges you might be facing - check out these examples.

How it works:
  1. You complete this short form to tell us about your organization and challenge. 
  2. Common Impact will review your application.
  3. When we are able to match you with a volunteer who has relevant expertise and skills, we'll introduce you two by email. From there, you'll set up time for a 1-hour phone or video call.
  4. Following your Hotline call, we'll share a 2-minute survey for you to tell us how it went.
That's it! The Pro Bono Hotline is an easy way to access fresh thinking and external perspective to help you tackle a challenge, whether it is new or one you've been pondering for months. 

Questions? Reach out to us at
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Please share information on your challenge to enable Common Impact to match you with a corporate volunteer for a virtual skills-based volunteering session. 
7. Optional: Please share any materials you think would be helpful for a volunteer to understand your challenge.
If we are able to match your organization with a skilled volunteer, we will connect you via email to the volunteer and you will work with the volunteer to schedule a one-hour phone/video consultation.