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Financial Impact of COVID-19

1. As a psychiatrist, select the category that best describes your professional work.
2. In which of the following practice settings do you provide clinical care to patients?  
Select all that apply and the corresponding percentage (should add up to100%). 
Space Cell 10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
Community Mental Health Center
Federal/Military Setting
Fully Retired
Group Office Practice, Traditional
Inpatient Unit-Private Psych Hospital
Inpatient Unit- Public Psych Hospital
Nursing Home
Outpatient Clinical- Public Hospital or Freestand Facility
Solo Office Practice
Correctional or Forensic Facility
Federal/Veteran's Administration
Group Model HMO Clinic
Inpatient Unit-Private General Hospital
Inpatient Unit- Public General Hospital
Medical School, University
Outpatient Clinic- Private or Freestand Facility
Residential Treatment Center
Student/College Mental Health
2. In the work setting(s) you identified above, have you experienced a financial loss due to COVID-19?