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Needs Assessment Request for Assistance

Needs Assessment: Request for Assistance

Thank you for your interest in completing or assisting someone else to complete the HANDS in Autism® Needs Assessment Survey. This information is important to make sure relevant supports, services and resources are available!

Please let us know below how we can help!

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Note: Only individual with ASD and family versions of the survey are currently available in Spanish.
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Individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (18+ yo)
Family members or Caregivers
School Personnel
Medical & Healthcare Professional
Justice System & Public Safety Personnel
Community Providers
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Note: Please allow us at least 3 weeks for the survey packet delivery. 
*Due to COVID-19 and Indiana University access restrictions, we cannot guarantee the prompt delivery of surveys. If you would like to access other options (e.g., versions in Word or fillable PDF), please let us know below in the comments.
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3. Would you like to stay engaged or participate in other needs assessment activities or related efforts?