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Review copy - reconciliation survey summer 2020

Measuring the impact of COVID19 measures on current and future tech priorities

1. How have COViD19 measures such as work-from-home, travel restrictions, etc impacted your ability to deliver and improve reconciliation functions?
Space Cell No impact10 % loss of capacity (bandwidth/volume)20 % loss of capacity (bandwidth/volume)30 % loss of capacity (bandwidth/volume)More than 30 % loss of capacity (bandwidth/volume)
business as usual / basic operations
optimize and extend reconciliation function
2. During the COVID19 crisis - which are the biggest obstacles to operational flexibility? Please rank each obstacle between 1-5 with 5 being the highest.
3. When are you planning to allocate budget to new reconciliation capabilities?
4. How are you planning to renew or update your reconciliation environment?
5. Rank the following value drivers for investment in new reconciliation and data quality capabilitiesĀ  - between 1 and 5 with 5 being the highest value driver
Space Cell improve operational efficiencyreduce costsimprove quality of regulatory dataimprove quality of customer serviceimprove quality of trading & investment decisions
low - medium - high importance?
6. What will be the main source of innovation in reconciliation in data quality?
Space Cell existing fintech specialistsstart-up fintechsbig tech ie Google/Amazonone-stop-shop fintech solutions (eg investment platforms)outsourcing providers
low - medium - high importance?
7. Indicate how important each of these market trends are when you plan future data quality investmentsĀ 
Space Cell multi-asset strategiesregulatory compliancedigital transformationcost and efficiency
low - medium - high importance?
8. How important are the following features and functions when you evaluate reconciliation and data quality investments?
Space Cell self-service: business users can configureself-service: business users can create and access reportsuser interface: ease of usevisualization of key processes/data
low - medium - high importance?
9. Root causes of low data quality - how many systems do you currently use to store core financial data sets ?
Space Cell only oneone to tenten to twentymore than twentymore than fifty
security identifiers (ISINs, CUSIPS, etc)
pricing and valuation sources
position and transaction records
entity data (counterparties, brokers, custodians)
entity data (customers)