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Impact of COVID-19 for civil society organisations - Partos

Impact of COVID-19 for civil society organisations

Our organisation is a member of Partos, the Dutch Association of Development Organisations. Together we are eager to learn from you what we can do better to support Southern-based civil society organisations in these uncertain times. Of course, this means we must listen. How is your wok affected? What is your take on how to support individuals, social cohesion, and resilience as people search for ways to cope with the crisis? 

We are partnering with Keystone Accountability in this micro-survey and are not collecting any identifying information, so please feel free to respond honestly and openly. Please bear in mind, however, that anything you say in the open questions will be passed on to us directly. The survey has 16 questions and should not take more than 7 minutes to complete! 

We will send you a written report by email with survey findings and our initial response. We see this micro-survey and report back exercise as a way for each of us to reflect collectively on our work and relationship and improve the ways we work together. We hope you agree and find it useful, maybe even really useful! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Keystone at:

3. Please choose one of the following that best describes your organisation.
4. Approximately what was the total budget (in US Dollars) of your organisation in your last complete financial year?
5. To what extent does the COVID-19 pandemic affect your current work? Note: Please rate this on a scale from 0 (very negative effect on our work) to 10 (very positive effect on our work). Negative effects may include loss of funding, inability to work on the ground, etc. Positive effects may include new innovative approaches, new capacities, etc. 
0 - Negative effect12345 - No effect678910 - Very positive effect
7. Have your activities pivoted to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?
10. As things currently stand, how long can you continue to operate without severe disruption to your programs and/or services?