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Creative Participant Release Form

United Philanthropy Forum 2020 Virtual Conference

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Distribution: All submissions will be used during the Forum 2020 Virtual Conference and added to the conference platform/application and recorded as part of the conference programming record for use of the attendees for up to one year following the 2020 conference.

This Will Confirm that I have volunteered and agreed to provide content for use by United Philanthropy Forum (The Forum) and its affiliated sub-contractors for the purpose outlined above.

Standard Terms & Considerations
I hereby consent without further consideration or compensation to the use (full/or in part) of all footage or photography provided by me and/or recordings made of my voice and/or written extraction.

I acknowledge that my acceptance of this agreement does not warrant any or entitle me to any further consideration for future compensation involving this project due in whole or in part, of such recordings for the purposes of illustration, broadcast, website or distribution in any media in support of The Forum.

I hereby grant The Forum with the right to proceed with the broadcasting and production of their conference for consumption by their members and attendees including material submitted by me and now waive as to The Forum and its sub-contractors, successors, assigns, licensees, all personal rights and objections to any use to be made of my content in connection with for any and all content production purposes. I understand that in proceeding with said conference production The Forum will do so in full reliance on the foregoing permission.
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