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AFP-GPC membership 2020

Please tell us about yourself and your employer.

This survey will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Your response will help guide the future of AFP-GPC programs and events.  We are grateful for your generosity in sharing your insights and time with us.
1. Are you a member of AFP?
2. Are you a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter?
2. Why are you not an AFP member?
2. Who paid your dues the last time it was paid?
2. If your employer decides to no longer pay your professional dues, will you pay for AFP with your personal funds?
2. Please tell us why you wouldn't pay for your dues from personal funds?
Office Zip Code
Home Zip Code
4. Please select the age range that best describes your age.
5. How long have you been in fundraising?
6. Which title best describes your current role?
7. What type of organization are you employed by?
8. Does your employer have any of the following policies/initiatives? Select all that apply:
9. Reflecting on what you know about your employer’s senior staff, which of the following aspects of diversity best reflects the senior staff (select all that apply):
10. Reflecting on what you know about your employer’s Board Members/Trustees, which of the following aspects of diversity best reflects the Board Members/Trustees (select all that apply):
10. How many AFP-GPC events have you attended in the last 12 months?
10. What social media platforms do you use most for professional development opportunities?  Please indicate which is your preferred platform with 1 meaning this is a platform that I use all the time, 5 meaning I am an occasional user of this platform, and 7 meaning I never use it.
Space Cell 1234567
11. What channels do you prefer that AFP-GPC use to communicate with you? Please check all that apply:
12. How frequently do you want to receive emails from AFP-GPC?
12. How often have you visited the AFP-GPC website in the past 12 months?