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IWES Wellness Warriors Registration Form

Wellness Warriors Group Information

Join Wellness Warriors!

Wellness Warriors is a fun, interactive, and confidential space for youth to gather virtually during the current global pandemic. With the support of IWES social workers and Health Educators, this group is focused on providing young people with the opportunity to learn about themselves and others, develop skills for coping and stress management, and create a judgement free space for self-expression and curiosity. This group welcomes youth from all over the United States, creating the possibility to make connections in new places -- A unique and special benefit of navigating through this virtual world. 

What’s in it for me? 

  • A safe and supportive environment to connect with your peers.
  • Ways to nurture your creativity -- through art, music, and poetry -- to express challenges you’re experiencing.
  • Helpful tips and tools to feel healthy and grounded.
  • Opportunities to win incentives (gift cards) through your participation! More info to come on how this will work once the group begins!  

Wellness Warriors takes confidentiality seriously. What happens in our space, will stay in the space, unless an adult feels that you are in danger, a danger to yourself, or intend to harm another person. 

What can I expect?

  • Weekly group for youth ages 12-18 on Thursdays from 4:00-5:15 CT/ 5:00-6:15 ET
  • Once you register, you will be invited to the online Zoom meeting each week via email or text, but don’t worry about coming to each one--only come when you want! The group is open and attendance is not mandatory. 
  • To maintain the safety and security of the group, you will need to "Sign-In" through Zoom before each session. The link to do that will be sent to you in the reminder text or email (your choice) 30 minutes before your session is held. Yes, it is an extra step, but it keeps us safe from any uninvited guests. 
  • Each session will offer time for open conversation and opportunities to work in small groups to meet new friends and collaborate with other young people. For the artists, the poets, the musicians, or really anyone looking to get a little creative, there will be a lot of opportunities for self-expression in the group space, we invite any and all talent to share and showcase your beautiful creations.
  • Some sessions will be led by guest speakers and/or partners from other organizations. We will always inform you of what to expect for these sessions ahead of time, as they may require you to use certain supplies or props, which we will provide to you if necessary. 
  • Each session will end with a Wellness Wish, sending you off with tips on how to stay well during the pandemic and beyond. We always invite you to create your own Wellness Wishes to share with the group -- because your self-care routines may be exactly what your peers are looking for to help them through these times! 

Media Release

As mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and talent in the space. If you submit any photos, poetry, or other media content related to Wellness Warrior sessions, we ask for permission to repost these creative pieces on our social media platforms. On the registration form that will follow, a parent or guardian will have the option to permit for the sharing of your content and can choose whether they would rather you be identified by first name only or, if desired by you, to include social media handles. Although we ask for consent up front, a facilitator will always make sure that you are on board before posting your work.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Caleigh Balsamo, IWES Social Worker at or (985) 262-3769

To join, have your parent/guardian give permission and sign below and fill out the registration form on the next page! 

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