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Recreation & Parks for All Begins with Hearing from All!

City of Atlanta | Recreation and Parks Survey - Only 15 minutes! We Need Your Input!

Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation is focused on building a system that meets your needs now and has the strength to support our communities in the face of new challenges. That's why we're launching ActivateATL: Recreation & Parks for All, a brand new 10-year comprehensive master planning effort aimed at increasing access to exceptional recreational programming, fostering community connections to nature through parks and trails, and ultimately working to improve the health, happiness, and resilience of all Atlantans in all neighborhoods.

We appreciate your involvement in defining the Atlanta that you want to see! Your perspectives will help us decide what upgrades to invest in, what new classes to offer, and where to add new greenspaces for you to enjoy in the decade to come. We value your time and your ideas, because only together can we deliver on the dream of ‘ONE Atlanta’ — an Atlanta where we all have equal opportunity to play, run, grow, learn, and interact with nature and each other. Giving us your opinion can help us identify neighborhoods that have the greatest need, helping us invest in programming and assets that benefit the greatest number of residents.

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The #1 Most Impactful Thing You Can Do is Take the Survey! It Only Takes 15-Minutes AND Enters You to Win an ActivateATL T-Shirt! We greatly appreciate your time and insights. Thank you for sharing your opinions to help define the next 10 years of Atlanta's parks and recreation!
1. Have you or other members of your household visited any City of Atlanta parks, trails, and/or recreation facilities during the past 12 months?
2. Overall, how would you rate the physical condition of ALL the City of Atlanta parks, trails or recreation facilities you have visited?
2. Please CHECK ALL the reasons that have discouraged you or other members of your household from using City of Atlanta parks, trails or facilities more often during the past 12 months, before the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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